A few words to our Preda Machine customers in the very beginning of Year 2023.

Director Jason

A new working season Y2023 starts today for PREDA MACHINE, which has been devoted for HVAC machines for so many years.

As director of Preda Machine, I have been thinking lately what is the most important things for me and my team…


The first comes into my mind is my partners globally, which is the top priority above all.   Not just about the sales we workedout together was taking over a great percentage of our total annual turnovers.   Also about the consistency of sales and partnership which made us through hard times like Covid lockdowns and general crisis of global economies…   Most importantly in my eyes, we are learning a lot from our oversea partners.   We learnt what was needed of different kinds of customers from different areas, what the evolutions our machines need to manage and what new trends are taking place in HVAC duct machines field…   All lead to a better us that make our services and machines better. Our partners are definitely worthy of our more delicate services from 2023 and after!

spiral tubeformer

The second is about why our partners and new customers choose us and keep working with us in 2023 and after.   I was contacted earlier this week by a US customer about slitter cutting machine with several questions.   I think I was answering quick and accurate inthe meantime our competitors in China could not manage.   He told me he had being work with Chinese suppliers for more than a decade and he himself has been early 60s of his age.   He found that there were so many companies hiring lots of young girls to work on sales.   Not everyone is unprofessional, he thinks, but the majority is not really capable at all…For a simple question, they might need to check again and again with their managers or simply say they don’t know. I am pretty much touched on this frankly and lots of our competitors are doing exactly the same…   They think girls are very cheap employees and they are not much ambitious about their careers, which are exactly what they want.   However the consequences are the girls are moving from one company to another almost every year and there are almost no continuous aftersales of their machines sold.   They regard the machine sales as pure sales volume and their work is over when payment received and shipments done.   They throw the customers services after changing to another company and clearly new ones won’t be interested in old salesservices which don’t bring sales or profit at all, yet taking huge efforts and headaches…   Fortunately, Preda Machinesales team is a small team in which I myself is taking the biggest sales and all my team are experiences and long served male colleagues.    We are not just sales but also after-sales and engineers as well for mechanics, parts, electrics, PLCs, programs… We are doing whatever customer need us to…

super auto duct prodtion line

At last, I wish Preda Machine to stay in low profile yet providing continuous services to our partners and customers. Stay hungry, stay foolish!


Director of Preda Machine, Jason

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