HVAC duct machines required for rectangular duct forming.


First, it depends on your budget!

If with plenty money on hand for investment and you are looking to be a top duct manufacturer, you definitely need a full automatic duct forming lines.

But don't be panic on high investment, it is Year 2021 already. High tech doesn't cost that much any more...

You will need to invest on auto duct line 5!

Coil in and duct out....Just this simple....

You can make full wrap duct in and size, L piece in any size....In a word, any shape in any size....


Also a CNC plasma cutting machine is also a must, you will need to make irregular ducts,

and let the machine cut for you, rather calculate and cut with scissors...

CNC plasma cutting machine

If budget is limited, some basic duct machines would be just fine.

Needs some more manual works, but will do,

1. Pittsburgh lock former machine

2. TDF flange forming machine

3. TDF folder (manual or air driven)

4. Shearer

5. Beader (Not a must and mostly you want to have one)

6. Pittsburgh seam locker (Unless you are happy with the sound of hammer)

At last, there is a fact that I have to remind, even you got auto duct line 5, above mentioned basic duct machines are

still needed!

What a hurting fact....

Because you will need to make small duct, irregular duct and etc...auto duct line cannot do such works at all.

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