What are duct machines required for round duct forming?


During last article, I was writing on duct machines required for rectangular ducts.

For this one, I would like to introduce on machines required for round duct making.


Firstly, basic and traditional combination,

1. Band type spiral tubeformer for spiral duct forming.

(Reason is simple, it is cheap and no extra cost for each forming mold heads, bands are free with machine)

2. 3 roller rolling machine.

3. Electric rotary beader

4. spot welder

5. angle iron roller to make angle iron flange for round duct

6. Electric gorelocker

(Reason is also that it is cheap, but needs more manual work and not that fast though...)

band type spiral tubeformerDSC_0181.jpg

Before comming to the next stage of round duct machines, one machine has to be listed seperately!

That is CNC plasma cutting machine!

In my view, it is one machine that every duct shop should have!

Just think there is no long needs to cut elbow sheet manually, isn't it great?

Let alone say, it could cut a lot a lot more shapes!

CNC plasma cutting machine

Then comes the main course of round duct forming machines,

1. Fixed mold head spiral tubeformer!

Cost higher than band type, but you want your spiral duct more accurate with better air tightness,

you want your spiral duct forming more smooth....Buy it!

2. CNC plasma cutting machine, it is a must.

3. Hydraulic gorelocker.

What really matters between the difference of a hydraulic gorelocker and electric gorelocker is not as it seems apparently!

Not something as easy as one electric, one hydraulic---of course, that is the difference.

The main difference is that hydraulic gorelocker is going with better material, more durable working table,

most importantly it is automatic!

Yes, Automatic is what matters, it is forming male and female lock automaticly and it seams them automaticly!

While an electric gorelocker cannot....you need to do those process by manual force and with experience...

4. A linear welder or stitch welder

Easier welding than spot welders...isn't it?

5. Electric rotary beader, yeah, it is still needed.

6. Angle iron flange roller. Same

7. Hydraulic ovalizer!

Oh, you saw those who can produce oval duct and they looks really cool and it save space..

And with better air tightness....

Only issue is that it is no cheap, especially its mould and trays....

spiral tubeformer.jpg

flat oval duct forming machine

Cool today, see you next time.

By Jason, director of Preda Machine.   (Copyright of this article reserved by Jason from Preda Machine.)

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