HVAC rectangular automatic duct line auto duct line 2 in 1300mm coil width with 2 electric decoilder

HVAC rectangular automatic duct line auto duct line 2 in 1300mm coil width with 2 electric decoilder

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HVAC rectangular automatic duct line auto duct line 2 in 1300mm coil width with 2 electric decoilders

Workstations and functions:

1.Electric decoilers (2 sets of rollers) driven by independent frequency controlled motors.
2.Multi-functional main body with capability of leveling, beading, notching(capable of sharp notching, TDF notching) and plate shearing.
3. Mitsubishi computer controlling system and software.
4. Mitsubishi and Siemens electric box and electrics.

Sheeting thickness



Max working speed



Dimension (mm) L*W*H
Power (kw)
Weight (T)

Main Import Configuration:

) MITSUBISHI Display and PLC.
2) MITSUBISHI Frequency Converter.
3) Taiwan High Temperature Resistant Tubing.
4) Taiwan high quality Pump.

Detailed Images

Machine Parts

Name: Shearing Blade
Material: 9CrSi
Features: Shearing station
Used for plate shearing of the duct plate formed.

It is the last station of Preda Machine auto duct line 2.

Main Features

Name: Notching station
Material: 9CrSi
Features: TDF notching, sharp notching

Totally four sets of notching molds capable of TDF notching, sharp notching, Pittsburgh notching.

It is among the most important working station of auto duct line 2 manufactured by Preda Machine.

Machine Parts

Name: Beader and Leveler
Material: SAE4142
Features: This is first working station of auto duct line 2. In this station, there are totally three sets of leveling rollers and one set of beading rollers making the beading and leveling perfect.

Main Features

Name: Computer screen
We chosed the MITSUBISHI system, the system is stable, and it is recognized by many domestic and foreign customers, and the operation is very convenient. Computer operators do not take up space.

Our Service

Pre-Sales Service

* Inquiry and consulting support.

* Sample testing support.

* View our Factory.

After-Sales Service

* Training how to install the machine, training how to use the machines.

* Engineers available to service machinery overseas.

Packing & Delivery
According to the size of the machines
According to the weight of the machines

Packaging Details

For LCL shipment, we use plywood case packing.
For Full container shipment(20',40' or 40HQ), the machines will be fill in the container directly and will be fixed tight inside container to avoid damage during transportation.


Auto duct line 2 performs almost the entire cycle of a rectangular duct (straight sections) - leveling, grooving, cutting corners under the flange and cutting(except for Folding,Pittsburgh lock forming and TDF flange forming!).
After the auto line duct 3, Pittsburgh seam closer machine,TDF folding machine/ Pneumatic TDF folding machine and TDF flange former must be fixed to the ends.
With auto duct line 2 production process duct becomes more economical, faster and much more precise.
Production of large amounts of high-quality ducts can increase sales on the market in a short time, which makes those
manual shops would never compete with you!
The line consists of metal sheet cradle (usually its two or four decoilers to feed different thickness raw material for different duct diameters), feeding system with servo drive motor, beading rollers - to make stiffener ribs on the duct surface!
Shape and square notching and hydraulic cutting guillotine station.
The duct line 2 is automatically controlled by CNC PLC system with high-precision servo motors with feedback that allows you to achieve high accuracy, performance and reliability of the line.
The maximum operating speed of the line - 16m / min. Deviation ± 0.5 mm in length. Deviation ± 0.8 mm diagonal.
Multiple control modes – automatic, semi-automatic, manual or customized.
Auto production line ducts equipped with one, two or three decoilers, depending on the demands of the customer.
Use of this line allows you to automate the process of making the duct and achieve up to 30000 square mtrs of air ducts in the month!

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Old version auto duct production line 2 before 2015

Brief Introduction,

Square Duct Forming “Line II adopts modular Linear design, with several integrated flexible workstations.

Total length of the line is about 4mtrs.

Basic Equipments,

1. Electric uncoiler(two sets) driven by independent frequency controlled motor.

2. Multi-functional machine with capability of levelling,grooving,angle shearing and plate shearing

3. Computer controlling system and softwares.

4. Electric box

Duct Line screenduct line 2duct line 2auto duct line 2auto duct line 2automatic duct line 2duct line IIAUTO DUCT LINE IIPREDA DUCT LINE 2DUCT LINE 2duct line 2 screen


1. Optimized linear structure makes the whole line beautiful in appearance and fast in production

2. 11 rollers are equipped for levelling to make sure plate gets even.

3. This machine is a material-saving facility with only less than 20mm wasted plates per roll.

4. Highly advanced servo system controls the whole production line very well so the products produced are perfect in appearance and precise in size.

5. One man is capable to handle the whole line

6. Workpieces counting system to count for one-day and accumulated quantities.


ModelPlate Thickness (mm)

Max. Plate   

Width   (mm)

Speed (mm/min)Weight   (Kg)Dimension (L×W×H,   mm)

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Duplex TDF Flange Forming Machine

To overcome the normal TDF flange forming machine’s disadvantage

that only one end of the plate can be operated to form flange,

duplex TDF flange forming machine provides a perfect solution for that.

Flange forming can be achieved for both ends at a time,

which makes the flanging process much more efficient and stable.

This machine is a top priority for companies who are short of staff

but desired for massive production.

TDF flange forming machineTDF flange forming machine

TDF Flange Former,

TDF flange forming machine/TDF rollformer,

mainly used for making flange at edge of plate for further joint,

is also among basic equipments for modern duct forming line.

All bearings used are ball bearings rather than traditional

needle bearings so the machine more durable.

All gears, axles and rollers equipped in the machineare made from

high quality steel to ensure their stability and durability.

The flange shape made by the machine is nice and practical,

which makes it a perfect part of duct forming line.

Our TDF rollformer has two version, T-12 capable of 1.2mm

and T-15 capable of 1.5mm galvanized metal sheet.


This decoiler is specially designed for duct forming line to

make the material loading and transporting stable.

It can hold 5tons of coils.

lock formerlock formerLock Former

Preda 7-function Lock former/Pittsburgh machines!   
1.   SA-12HB is capable of 1.2mm galvanized steel and SA-15B is

capable of 1.5mm.   

Main difference between SA-12B and SA-15B is the rollers used.   
2.   To fulfil international customers' requirements on electrics standard.

We are able to change our motors and electrics

as per requested free of charge!!   
3.    380V/50HZ/3PH is the regular standard for our machine.

Yet we can manage them into 220V/50HZ/1PH or 420V/50HZ/3PH...   

Cost is free of charge as a cooperation to our international customers!!!

4.    Lock shapes/pins for below,

1.Arc shape   2.Claw shape   3.Orthogonal shape 4.U shape   5. Union shape   6.Z shape   7. Lock pin

TDF folding machineTDF folding machineTDF Folding Machine

Preda Manual TDF Folding machine is specially designed for

HVAC duct folding process.

It can be used together with TDF Flange Forming machine and

Pittsburgh machine to make rectangular HVAC ducts!

Light weight and ease for operating/transport make it suitable

under many circumstances,

especially for short-term working at the construction site.

Machine produced with customerized length can be achieved.

Duct Line II
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1.2mm capacity